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The days of our phones being cute gadgets that we would only use for playing games are well in the past. Nowadays, our phones are a vital communication device that we simply cannot do without. Whether you are a stay at home parent, office worker or entrepreneur, you probably rely on your phone for a variety of communication needs. If you are attempting to keep up to date on the day’s news, communicate with your colleagues or bosses, or looking to set up meetings with clients, you need your smartphone. But what happens when your smartphone stops working? What will you do?

DIY Repairs?

Many smartphone owners think about quick DIY repairs when they encounter an issue with their phone. And in some cases, DIY repairs can get the job done. But, you must be smart when you contemplate DIY repairs as a long-term solution. For instance, any “repair” you perform on your phone may not last for a very long time. It may get you through the day, but your phone will begin to exhibit the same issues it was showcasing before. And the last thing anyone wants is an unreliable smartphone that could stop working at any moment.

If you have the means, taking your smartphone to a professional makes a lot of sense. You do not necessarily have to take the phone to the company where you bought it, but you should take it to a repair shop. These independent shops are great for getting your phone repaired, because they are run by individuals who have a massive amount of experience with smartphones. They have fixed iPhones, Android smartphones and any other model you could think about. They will look at your phone, determine the issue and let you know regarding the solution.

There are two types of problems you can encounter with your smartphone – software and hardware problems. A software problem typically pertains to the operating system on the phone. Perhaps your phone is not turning on, even though the battery is fully charged. Maybe the operating system starts up, but it gets stuck on a screen. Or maybe your phone keeps crashing when you make a call or send a text message. Such issues could indicate a virus in your phone, or a deeper issue. Either way, an expert can assess your phone and determine whether there is a simple solution. If there is not, they may have to reinstall the OS on your phone, which would wipe away some of your data.

Hardware issues are a little simpler to fix. There is typically one solution to the problem – replacing or repairing the broken part. For instance, if you crack your screen and it eventually stops being responsive to your touches, you will need to get a new screen fitted. If your phone is not holding a charge, it means the battery is dead and you need to replace it with a new one! Again, these are issues that a professional phone repair store will be happy to rectify for you!

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