Best 5-Step Home Remedy For Your Wet Cell Phone

Image result for wet cellphoneDid your cell phone take an accidental tumble in the sink? Or maybe you left it in your pocket and it took an unfortunate spin in the washing machine. Then again, you could be suffering from the effects of keeping dumb friends who dunk you in the pool just for the heck of it. Whether you got rained on or fell victim to any of the scenarios above, there’s literally no shortage of unique ways to get your phone wet. But while soaking your phone often means having to replace it, you might be able to save it if you’re fast enough. Here’s the ultimate home remedy for your wet cell phone in 5 easy steps.



Step 1: Yank The Phone Out ASAP

The probability that your phone will survive always depends on how long it has been soaking in water. While Image result for wet cellphoneseemingly tight, the tiny charging ports, audio jacks, cable connectors and even the plastic covers can all allow water to freely flow inside in a matter of seconds. As such, your phone might not be so worse off if it was in shallow water for a few seconds or just got rained on a bit. It’s the ones that have been in the washing machine or swimming pool for hours that you have to worry about. So once you find out that your phone is in water, make sure you take it out immediately and shut it off to avoid short circuits.

Step 2: Remove Battery and other Peripherals

Image result for wet cellphoneThis is one of the most vital step to your wet cell phone home remedy. After you’ve gotten the phone out of water, you’ll need to remove the battery and place it and the open phone on a towel or soft cloths. Research shows that most circuits tend to survive an extreme soak when not attached to a power source. You can also carry out an early diagnosis by checking the corner area of the battery hole. There should be a small white circle or square with some red lines. If this white area is red or pink, then it means your phone may have water damage. You should also remove the SIM card, memory cards, cases, covers and other peripherals which should be patted dry with a towel.

Step 3: Actively Dry your Cell Phone

Leaving even one single drop of water in your phone could ruin it by corroding components and causing short circuits. This is why you have to dry your phone in two stages namely active and passive drying. Image result for wet cellphone

For active drying, start with wiping it off with a towel or soft rug. Try not to clog paper or strings in the grooves of your phone while you’re at it and remember not to shake the phone since this cause water to move. The next step involves using a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the excess moisture from your phone. Be careful not to vacuum too close or too long since this could cause static electricity buildup. And for Pete’s sake, NEVER use a hair dryer to dry out your cell. Contrary to popular belief, the sudden gush of air actually forces water deeper into your phone causing even more damage.

Step 4: Passively Dry your Phone

Image result for wet cellphoneImage result for wet cellphone

You guessed it; it’s time to dunk your phone in a desiccant and take a chill pill. The best way to dry your phone now is to use a substance with high affinity for drawing out moisture. A cheap option is to place your phone in a bag of uncooked rice all night long, but you could also use shoe desiccants if you have some. It helps if you can rotate the phone every hour on the hour for all the water to run off, at least until you go to sleep.

Step 5: Test it Out

After at least 24 hours or longer, it’s time to see if your efforts paid off. Before you install the battery and power her up, make sure there are no visible signs of moisture or debris left. While powering on your device, listen for odd noises and check to see if the display is functioning; that’s always a tell-tale sign of water damage. If everything looks okay, try charging it to confirm all systems are operational. If your phone doesn’t turn on, then there’s no need to worry. Just take it to a professional repair shop where it will be taken apart, diagnosed and repaired pronto.

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